When your flight lands in Zurich, Milan, Florence or Nice, waiting in the parking garage of a leading hotel, ready for an exclusive journey, is your car. Individual road trips in your own car – that's what GRAND TOURISME is all about. We make it possible for you to enjoy such trips without travel stress, risk of accidents or loss of value, all while driving the kinds of roads and highways you, as a passionate motorist, always dreamed of.

GRAND TOURISME creates the requirements needed for this new concept in travel: the secure delivery and pick up of your car, both to and from the start of your road trip, combined with a 7-day round trip itinerary with many services. Our experts have planned out circular routes which will test your driving skills and let you take in some breathtaking scenery. Along the way, you'll stay in some of the region's best hotels, while our cultural and culinary recommendations will take your journey to another level of enjoyment. It all adds up to a truly unique experience by road.

GRAND TOURISME is based on a simple yet exclusive principle: we take care of everything, you enjoy yourself.

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